Reckless Revenge Pt. 4

Jaynes stared at the black and white photos for the millionth time. Each one playing out a vivid story that plagued his dreams every night. While Terrah recovered from her injuries, he sought out any information about the assassination attempt. Every possible lead turned into a dead end. He had people in every part of the world and he couldn’t trace the hit ordered on him and his wife.

He understood why Terrah didn’t want to see the photos. He never intended on showing her them. This was his personal mission. If he couldn’t protect Terrah, then everything else they had set in motion was worthless. Jaynes was so tired of everything.

The red convertible had been replaced with a more sensible car. This one discreet and more fuel efficient to get to his destination three states over. The drive only took a few hours. He pulled into the driveway of a picturesque home in a fall background. Jaynes could hear the sounds of a saw behind the home. He headed that way—finding a workshop with its doors wide open.

An unsuspecting man focused on running wood through carefully. Several cut pieces laid in a neat pile. To anyone else, the person inside the workshop would seem like the perfect neighbor. Clean shaven, family man, blue collar job, and the perfect model of a husband. He looked up to grab a new piece of wood and saw Jaynes. The saw stopped soon after.

“Gavin,” Jaynes said.

“Never thought I’d see you again.”

He shrugged, not bothering to fill in the details. While they hadn’t seen each other in over five years, Gavin always kept up with the news. “Things happened.”

The other man laughed and pulled out two beers from the mini fridge in the shop. “That’s an understatement.” Jaynes took his and popped the lid off the edge of the table. Crisp. Ice cold. “Something tells me what happened yesterday isn’t why you’re here though.”

Jaynes took another large drink from his bottle before pulling out the photos he always kept close to him. He laid them on the table for Gavin to look at but didn’t say a word. Instead, preferring to finish this drink as quickly as possible before grabbing a new one.

He longed for something stronger to take the edge off. Gavin looked through the photos, taking his time with each one. The creases in his forehead getting deeper as he grew closer to the final few. Jaynes had looked at those the least.

Gavin put them down and took a long drink. “You’re in some serious shit.”

“I know.”

“What do you want me to find out, Jaynes?”

“Anything you can. Mainly their identities and who hired them.”

Gavin scoffed. “Oh, is that all?” Jaynes took another drink, peeling at the label of the bottle. “I assume you’ve exhausted all your sources. What makes you so sure I’ll be able to turn up anything?”

Jaynes had a vast network nationally. It would be easy to go through his channels, but… “I haven’t had anyone look into it.”

He could feel Gavin’s eyes on him. Normally, Jaynes wouldn’t look away. This time, he kept his gaze firmly to the ground.

“It’s that important to you?”

He looked up, “It’s Terrah. She’s the most important thing in my life.”

Gavin looked through the photos once again. “Whoever hired them intended for you to die. If you go down this path, you realize there’s a good chance you won’t make it out alive.”

“I know.”

“And what does Terrah think about this?”

He shrugged. “She doesn’t support it.”

“Can’t say I blame her. You two have been separated long enough. A piece of paper doesn’t change the fact that she needs you after going through this.”

“I didn’t come to you for marriage advice,” Jaynes hissed. “I don’t need your help in that department.”

Gavin shrugged, not bothered by his outburst. “I’m just saying, based on the pictures—she’s lucky to be alive. This type of incident doesn’t come without trauma.”

“She’s fine.”

“So she says.”

Jaynes finished the beer and slammed it on the workbench. “Are you going to look into it or not?”

“I will. Just—make sure she’s okay, Jaynes. She’s been through enough.”

Jaynes walked to his car. He sat behind the wheel, body shaking.

The feeling of betrayal gnawed at his mind.

Reckless Revenge Pt. 3

Yellow markers littered the small interrogation room. A flash went off every once in a while. Marie Corbin surveyed the chaotic scene around her. Her hair disheveled and the smokiness that once filled the room still occasionally burned when she swallowed. Beneath the stony exterior, anger simmered. Gray powder smudged her white blouse. The black jacket over it had long-since been collected for evidence.

Her shirt would eventually follow. However, two officers were picking through her hair for any particles that may be helpful in their investigation. Corbin had given the best description she could of the person who burst into the room. None of the shots fired were meant to kill. Not for lack of experience either. She had worked on enough crimes to know the difference between an amateur and a professional.

Every shot had missed, but not by much. The bullets had come too close. They were meant to incite panic and fear—to create separation between them and Terrah. The shooter had succeeded. Their only connection to Jaynes taken from their custody.

By one of our own.

Corbin itched to get in on the action, to begin the investigation with a renewed vigor. Yet she was stuck in the room, being picked clean for residual particles. Logically, a part of her knew the importance of every detail in this crime. The desire for revenge burned through her veins. She spared a glance at her partner, Brendan Rose, hadn’t fared much better.

His anger was barely concealed, just like hers. Their eyes met. A silent vow to hunt down Jaynes and Terrah went unspoken, but their resolve wouldn’t waiver.

For ten years, they had led the investigation into Jaynes McConnell. He had grown up under their radar and would never stay on it long enough for him to get caught. New charges popped up every month. The only oddity in the familiar pattern came around the time the infamous couple got married. Terrah Johnson had only popped up on their radar a couple of weeks ago almost a year after their “wedding.”

Corbin didn’t know why, nor did she particularly care. All she knew was that this attack was orchestrated by McConnell. He had broached their grounds, solidifying their conviction that he needed to be brought in. An investigator walked up to her after taking Rose’s statement.

“What do you think, Marie?” he asked.

She had two options: lie about who she suspected or tell the truth. One would take her and Rose off the investigation. The other would steer them in a different direction. At least long enough to buy her time to track down McConnell’s latest plan.

“Revenge,” she answered. “Terrah Johnson had many enemies. She probably made friends with the wrong one.”

“I thought she was mostly harmless.”

Corbin took in a deep breath. “Normally, but she’s a drug dealer. God knows how many innocent lives she’s taken indirectly. Or who she got her products from.”

The other agent looked less than pleased with her answer. She wasn’t going to hand over her investigation on a silver platter.

“That all you got?”

She shrugged. “I’d look into undercover operations. We’ve planted many agents in local gangs to try and track her operations. I’m sure you’ll find an answer there.”

The investigator left her alone. After all the particles were recovered from her hair and skin, she was given a set of clothes to change into. Corbin handed over her singed outfit for further examination without question. After that, she was free to go.

Rose caught up to her not too long afterward. He was also dressed in borrowed clothing. They didn’t say anything about their next move until they got into a car. He had driven her since they lived near one another.

“So,” he began. “He’s made it personal.”

She hummed. “Not the first time.”

“I doubt it will be the last either.” Rose prepared a cigarette, offering her one. She refused as always.

Corbin ran through the events from earlier. “No. This was a different level of destruction though.”

Rose exhaled. “Trying too hard or panicked?”

It was hard to tell without seeing the photos and evidence collected. McConnell very rarely acted on such a large scale for no reason. Panicked would be her initial reaction but something felt different about the scenario compared to run-ins in the past.

“I need the file.”

Rose shook his head, “They won’t let us near it.”

“I know!” She didn’t need him to tell her the obvious. They wouldn’t solve anything today. Corbin hated feeling helpless, hated this wasn’t her investigation. Most of all—she loathed that they weren’t any closer to McConnell. They needed him.

The drive to her house was silent. Her brain looped the moments before and during the interrogation. No one appeared out of the ordinary. They were all familiar faces, people she had trusted.

How long has McConnell had a spy in our ranks?

It was the only explanation that made sense. She thought of the newest faces amongst their ranks, only going back to a year. There were a handful of them present. Corbin’s thoughts broke when the car jerked to a stop. Her neighborhood slowly came into focus.

“See you tomorrow.”

Rose waited until she got inside her home before he drove away. She should have told him of her suspicions, but it could wait until tomorrow. He needed the evening to rest. Corbin had no intention of doing so. Not when came to McConnell and Johnson.

Reckless Revenge Pt. 2

They arrived at their next stop just after night fell. Jaynes grabbed three duffles from the back while Terrah carried her only one. They walked up a few flights of stairs and knocked on a door numbered 1735. It didn’t take long for it to open. A tall, thin woman stepped aside to let them inside.

“Thanks for letting us stay here, Ash.”

“Always happy to help out a friend. Go ahead and put your things in the guest room.”

Terrah knew this area like the back of her hand, spending most of her early adulthood in that very guest room. It looked much the same. Ashley had finally thrown out the gaudy bedspread that used to occupy the full sized mattress. Hideous shades of orange, green, and brown sewn together in a patchwork mess that had no rhyme or reason.

Though she declared her hatred for the blanket often, Ashley claimed she loved it. To which Terrah always replied, “yes, but not enough to have it on your own bed.”

Her duffle bag was put next to the lounge chair in the room. She headed back out to the living room, knowing Jaynes would take a little longer than her. Ashley was in the kitchen, pouring drinks for the three of them. They always drank when they were together.

“Do you guys need any food?” she asked, back still turned to her.

“We ate before we came.”

Jaynes joined them. Arms wrapping around her waist. A gentle kiss pressed to the top of her head. Terrah let her guard down in his embrace. “Could I have a double, Ash?” he asked.

“Sure. Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable.”

They always compensated her for putting them up. And for how much alcohol they drank. Jaynes steered them to the love seat a few feet away. They sat down, the plush cushions far more comfortable than the leather seats in the rental.

Ashley handed them their drinks a few moments later before getting her own. Terrah put the glass to her lips, but didn’t drink.

“How’s life on the run treating you? You two have been off the radar for almost a year.” Ashley asked as she sat down on the couch across from them.

“Fine,” Terrah answered. “They’ve been pouring more resources into their search so Jaynes and I have been separated for a few months.”

“So what’s the next step?” she asked.

“Sorry, Ash. Can’t tell you this time. The less you know, the better.” Terrah gave a small smile, hoping her friend would understand.

Her friend changed the subject. They chatted about most of the events that occurred in their absence. Ashley had gotten herself a new girlfriend who lived out of state and was seriously thinking of moving in order to be with her. They congratulated her.

Keeping in touch would be difficult, but they’d make sure to stop by if and when that happened. Hours passed before Ashley declared it was time for her to go to bed. She was an upstanding citizen now—well, aside from her currently housing fugitives.

Terrah gets ready for bed first. Jaynes is busy—as always. “Your turn.” He locks the encrypted tablet before leaving the room. A kiss pressed to her lips quickly.

She puts her clothes inside the duffle. And notice that Jaynes left one of his opened. Terrah moves to close it when black and white photos catches her eyes. Masked men armed with assault-style weapons. Her breath caught in her throat as memories of that day came swirling back.

Pain ripped through her body. She fell to the floor, clutching her side. Gunfire echoed loudly around her. “Terrah!”

She could feel hands gripping her. Blinking several times, she could make out Jaynes. Not just him, but Ashley too. A broken sob escaped her throat as she reached for her husband. He pulled her near.

“Why?” she asked, voice breaking. “Why do you have those photos?”

“I need to know,” Jaynes answered. “I need to know who did this to us, to you.”

She pulled away from him. “I don’t want you to look for them. They…did enough. Just forget about them.”

“I can’t,” he whispered.

Terrah moved away and stood on shaky legs. “If you go after them, I won’t go with you.”

“I’m going after them. I can’t let them get away with this.”

She stumbled toward Ashley. “I’m going to sleep elsewhere.”

Her best friend said nothing, but helped her into the master bedroom. Terrah couldn’t understand why Jaynes would give up the final step of their plan for something that didn’t matter. They hadn’t succeeded.

Once they took care of the main threat, the two of them could live in peace. Could make their clean break from the life that had given and taken so much. She laid down on the bed and turned to face the wall.

Memories of that day plagued her throughout the rest of the night.

Morning came far too quickly. She felt Ashley leave the bed. Terrah knew that she should get up. They had planned to leave earlier in the morning. She couldn’t bring herself to move. The sound of her alarm going off gave her the final push to get up. The door to the spare bedroom was open.

As she walked into the living area, Terrah noticed Jaynes was nowhere in the apartment.

“Is Jaynes waiting outside?” she asked quietly.

Ashley turned around, a frown on her face. Her eyes darted toward a piece of paper. On it was all capitalized letters.

            I’m sorry, Terrah. This is something I have to do. Proceed with your half. I’ll meet you later.

The ink on the note smudged under a water drop. Her stomach churned, forcing her to run to the bathroom. After emptying her guts, she curled up into a ball on the floor. Tears flowing freely now.

Ashley entered the restroom. A glass of water in hand. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. You two will always find each other.”

Terrah shook her head, wanting to tell her friend the weight of the situation. She couldn’t. Jaynes had abandoned her.

“I’ll call in sick today. Seems like we’re going to need a girl’s day.”

She didn’t say anything. Her mind raced with the idea of what she would have to face alone. Before, everything seemed less daunting. Jaynes was by her side. He had promised to be by her side forever.

Now, their wedding vows felt hallow. After what happened, she had spent several months apart from her husband. He had kept himself busy in putting together their final plan. They reunited about four months ago, promising that they were done forever.

Revenge wasn’t part of that plan.

Terrah wanted to forget everything that had happened.

Once the tears stopped, she moved out of the bathroom and in to the living room. Ashley was eating breakfast and watching a sitcom. Terrah noticed a plate set out for her, but she couldn’t bring herself to eat. Not right now.

Instead, she remained still and tried to figure out how best to explain what had happened last night and this morning to her best friend. Ashley deserved an explanation at the very lease.

The words were harder to say.

“Hey, you don’t need to tell me anything you don’t want to.” She looked at Ashley. Terrah nodded in understanding, grateful to have a friend like her, but the truth needed to be told.

“Jaynes and I got married almost a year ago,” she whispered.


“The day we got married is also the day I almost died.”

To be continued…